Vegetable Ivory

 Our jewelry is handmade with sterling silver and vegetable ivory.
Vegetable ivory, also known as Tagua, is the fruit from a palm that grows in tropical rainforests in South America.These palms bear fruits after about 10 years in the form of tagua nuts. A palm lives up to 30 to 40 years !

Like a coconut, the fruit initially has a nutritious and sweet liquid like coconut milk. The liquid then becomes a gelatin that is consumed by the indigenous populations of these regions !

When the tagua nuts mature, they fall down naturally on the floor then gathered and dried in the sun. After 4-8 weeks, the nuts become extremely hard. The cellular structure and grain is similar to that of elephant ivory.
 It is naturally white with a fine marbled grain structure !


Local artisans in the Amazon select the best quality of Tagua nuts and we are proud to offer you jewelry with a natural, ecological and vegetal product! Its harvest protects the rain forest and this is an excellent alternative to animal ivory that could help stop the killing of pachyderms !


 • Eco-friendly
• Durable
• Sustainable
• Light weight
• Organic
• Natural
• Fair trade
• Preserving rainforests
• Non toxic
• Bio degradable
• Beautiful and trendy