I wanted to create a minimalist and exotic jewelry line that represents women in the most genuine way..
My jewels are natural, light and dainty. The most heavy pieces (necklaces Mama or Kunta) weigh less than 25g!

It has been nearly 10 years since I discovered the jewelry. I encountered this ancestral art many times in England, Guadeloupe, Paris and then Montreal..
It is through this ancestral art that I feel a great joy, freedom and love.. I shape every pieces with my hands and I share my story throughout the positive energy that I put into every jewel.

Don't you have jewelry that reminds you of someone or a moment in your life?

People inspires me.. They gave me another way of thinking about jewelry.
A jewel is more than an ornament, it is a precious legacy left to those we love. It can be a social message, or it can represent your social status, even a spiritual value..
It is your story captured in a jewel.

My jewel suits you so naturally, the creamy color of the nut makes it slightly perceptible so it can be ''a part'' of your body..The closer you look at my jewelry, the closer you have chances to fall in love with them..

Adorn yourself, but you already know that your best asset is naturally you!


All KATE CHAREIL jewelry is made by hand and made to order. It takes between 1 to 2 weeks to produce the jewel.

The creation of a KATE CHAREIL jewel is very delicate. Every jewel is attached carefully then solded with a very precise and powerful torch.

Vegetable ivory is a seed, so it burns if this source of heat is too close. It is then necessary to have irreprochable dexterity, technique and patience to create perfect and sustainable jewels.

KATE CHAREIL jewelry is handcrafted in 925 silver. All KATE CHAREIL jewelry is hypoallergenic and nickel free!

Vegetable ivory comes from the Amazon rainforest. The ivory palms are precious for the forest and the locals, they produce their first seeds after a decade of life!
The nuts are harvested, sculpted and polished by hand by a family business in Ecuador. Its harvest protects the ivory palms because no tree is cut down to collect the nuts.